ICIB 2019

23-26 May 2019


ICIB 2018

18-20 May 2018

ICIB 2017

18-21 May 2017

  • Steve Bainbridge, CEDEFOP: Technology and the future of work

ICIB 2016

20-22 May 2016

  • Joana Valente, Senior Advisor – Business Εurope Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence “Research on Crucial Issues of European Integration” at the University of Macedonia, Panel EU Growth: EU Industrial Policy and SMEs.
  • Steve Bainbridge, CEDEFOP In the future, what will people do?
  • Tsiolas Christos Marketing Director and co-founder of Turnand – TITLE: “From a Student, to an Entrepreneur: A dilemma to Drop out of College in order to become a Μillionaire or Not? From an Idea, to a Start-Up”.
  • Theofilos Mylonas | Entrepreneur, A successful Entrepreneur and Software, mobile & internet executive – TITLE: “Entrepreneurship and startup companies: the case of Yummy Wallet, a pay and save application”.

ICIB 2015

On Friday 22 May 2015
Mr. Steven Bainbridge, Senior Expert at CEDEFOP:Europe’s uneven return to job growth: skill supply and demand forecasts up to 2025 point to major differences across Member States.

On Saturday 23 May 2015
Mr. Platonas Monokroussos, Deputy General Manager and Chief Market Economist at Eurobank Ergasias S.A.


ICIB 2014

Dr. Sc. Marko Kolakovic, Professor of Economics, University of Zagreb, Croatia: “STRATEGIC ENTREPRENEURSHIP: A NEW RESOLUTION FOR ANY ECONOMY IN CRISIS ”
Mr. Steven Bainbridge, Senior Expert at CEDEFOP: “Employment and skills perspectives up to 2025: the European Union and Greece.”


ICIB 2013

Prof. Fr.Schneider, Johannes Kepler University (Linz)[teleconference from Otago University].
“Latest developments about the Greek shadow economy and tax evasion.
Mr. Steven Bainbridge, Senior Expert at CEDEFOP. ‘Greece and Europe: labour market perspectives  2012-25 – three scenarios‘.


ICIB 2012

Prof. Fr.Schneider, Johannes Kepler University (Linz). “The quality of institutions and satisfaction with democracy in Western Europe: A panel analysis with some remarks to Greece.”
Mr. Steven Bainbridge,Senior Expert at CEDEFOP. ‘Skills for the future’


ICIB 2011

Prof. Fr.Schneider, Johannes Kepler University (Linz). “The size and the development of the shadow economy and corruption in Greece – A first estimate.”
Mr. Steven Bainbridge Senior Expert at CEDEFOP. “Learning for change:European Vocational Education and Training Policy”.


ICIB 2010

Prof. Fr.Schneider, Johannes Kepler University (Linz). “Shadow Economies in Greece and other European Countries: What Do We (Not) Know?”
Prof. Chris. Pitelis, University of Cambridge. “Globalization and Governance for Sustainable Wealth Creation.”